Loot Crate: Power

This month’s Loot Crate theme was Power, celebrating all things powerful, ok, so not all things, but things, enough things to be a group of things that make up a crate that could pack a pretty punch. Lets have a looksie.

Hulk Q-Fig (QMX)
‘Wonder why you didn’t spot the Hulk in Captain America: Civil War? Because Loot Crate grabbed him and put him in this month’s crate! we have a hulk. This epic figure crushed every other candidate and is notable for it’s detailed facial snarl and the raw, kinetic power of it’s stance’
This is the 3rd Q-Fig we have now (Batman and Deadpool are the other 2) and I really like them. They are cutesy but also look pretty badass. I love this Hulk figure too. They are normally a really high standard figure, I say normally because…
…our figure has several large glue spots on his back and trousers and they are solid so it would be a pain to get it off. Luckily you can’t see them from the front and he is up fairly high so I should be able to cope with it on there. 

EXCLUSIVE Dragon Ball Z Shenron Plush Keychain (Surreal Entertainment)
‘We summoned Shenron from the raging fires of the Earth’s core and wished for our first ever Dragon Ball Z item’
This keychain is pretty cool, it’s a very good quality plush and is quite big, it would look great hanging on a bag, my only wish is that the actual keyring was metal instead of plastic because I think the plastic makes it look a little cheap/childish.

EXCLUSIVE Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt (ICUP, INC)
‘Whether cooking or cosplaying, it is said this magical mitt will grant you omnipotent powers beyond belief! Or at least protect you from burning yourself. Decorated with the six Infinity Gems, the mitt protects hands up to 500 degrees. Fine, I’ll bake it myself!’
This mitt was major squee worthy and I was super happy to have it, it looks really cool and it had a purpose. One problem has now occurred with it though, this morning Loot Crate sent out a ‘product recall’ email because at least one person has had their glove melt whilst in normal use and had the hand burned as a result. I’m so gutted but I’m glad we didn’t get round to finding out if ours melts.

EXCLUSIVE Warcraft T-Shirt (Legendary)
‘Channel your inner Horde or Alliance with this authentic, licensed silhouette design chosen to celebrate the film’s release.’
The tee is good and I’m looking forward to the movie but I agree with what I have seen a few other people say, it could have been more, it just seems a bit bland. I would have loved to have seen either a full on Horde or a full on Alliance tee.

Power Pin
‘This month’s Pin is styled after one of Battleborn’s AI minions, wear it proudly to celebrate your in-game victories (or just because robots are cool)!’
Robots are cool! And Loot Crate pins are always awesome, always!

This month’s box folded out, it confused me, horribly! It didn’t flip all the way inside out, it was weird and I have no idea if I did it right but I think it looks cool and Hulk lives here now.
What did you think of this month’s crate overall? Next month’s theme is Dystopia, which is bound to have all the awesome, so if you fancy signing up click here now and get signed up soon so you don’t miss out.

Author: Chrissie

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