Soft Kitty Clothing Made My Squee Happy

About a year ago, I bought 3 pairs of leggings from AliExpress, they claimed to be in my size and I was really excited to get them Annoyingly, when they arrived, I couldn’t even get them over my knees, colour me disappoint. It was a disaster and I still have 2 pairs of them in my wardrobe as a reminder, now thinking of turning them into workout tops.
For years now, I have only been able to wear leggings because of the pain a normal pair of trouser causes(man, I miss jeans), don’t ask me why, MS is all of the fun, but I got annoyed with just plain black leggings, I’m a naturally colourful person o_0 I wanted awesome but affordable ones because I am also a naturally poor person. I discovered the pyjama leggings from Primark. Yes! I did wear them as normal day to day leggings but the material that they were made from just doesn’t last long when you are wearing them often and you have a fat arse. Plus, they are very easy to shrink so it still wasn’t a solution for me. 
A few months ago I came across Soft Kitty Clothing on Instagram, they had awesome leggings so that was a good start, then I noticed in their bio that they were based in the UK, bonus, then when I went on their site, they had mermaid leggings in my exact UK size. Ok, so I was still skeptical, I’d gotten my hopes up before and been completely disappointed. 

So I placed an order, I told my squee to stay in, there was no point getting excited when they were not likely to fit. My first order arrived about a week later, I bought just the green leggings and that adorable Harry Potter backpack because backpacks are my thing now. The 9 3/4 tag was from an old Loot Crate, I added it because together they are awesome.
First things first, I was sent a free gift for spending over £40, it’s a cute love hearts skater dress and it was in my actual size, it fit fantastically and is perfect for this summer heat we have been having, and I love freebies so that was cool and it buttered me up pretty nicely. 
I placed my second order for the purple and black leggings just a few weeks later because I was so happy with my first and again they arrived after about a week. I also bought a Pacman skater dress at the same time but I forgot to put it in this post,  it is amazing btw and fits perfectly too.

The leggings were pretty good quality, there were no imperfections and when I pulled them on, they went over my knees, step 1 SUCCESS. They really are my size, they fit perfectly, they are comfy and they look awesome. I am finally a mermaid. 
The mermaid leggings were £14 each and these ones are size 18/20, they have a large range of leggings but sadly not all of them go up to that size, there are a few pairs that I have got my eye on if I ever get down to a size 16. The backpack is on sale for £26. They have a large range of other clothing items that are equally as awesome and are pretty reasonable prices so it’s definitely worth a look as they are constantly adding new things. Fingers crossed they grow their plus size range in the near future. Hopefully in the future I will feel confident enough to model clothing that I buy, as part of my branching out to other things attempts, if any of you amazing fashion bloggers have any tips then I completely welcome them, not that I think any of you amazing fashion bloggers read my site but hopes, I have high hopes.
I highly recommend these leggings if you want to be a mermaid and, like me, have a fat arse.
Let me know if you buy anything from them and tell them I sent you if you do!

Author: Chrissie

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