Geek Fuel: June 2016

This is the first Geek Fuel I have featured on the blog, although we have had a few months already. A few months back, we had decided we were going to change Ki’s sub because we were not entirely satisfied by the Infinity Crates contents but then Kian got in trouble and we cancelled his sub as punishment, so he went a little while without them. Secretly though, we had already signed up to Geek Fuel as his new sub and saved 2 months worth for his birthday as a way of saying ‘here’s your new sub, now behave or you’ll lose it again’ Anyway, the boxes were pretty good and we decided to keep this sub going. 
That’s enough about old ones. lets have a look at what was in the June Geek Fuel. As far as I have worked out, there isn’t a specific theme each month and I am starting with the smaller items and working my way up.

Pokemon Temporary Tattoo
‘Are you so excited for Sun & Moon that you just wanna shout? Say it louder with Pokemon tattoos! These will look great with a summer tan.’
Having managed to get Kian into Pokemon both the TV series and TCG and soon the old school games, hopefully, he loved these little tattoos. I mean who doesn’t love temp tattoos? I was excited to receive some awesome ones from Jordan Dene the other day, so no one! There is no one who doesn’t like temp tattoos and if there is then I just don’t wanna know them.

Super Mario Ink Stamp
‘Leave your mark with Mario and company! Mario stamps are always handy when you need to mark your important Nintendo documents (One of four designs)’
As a mother of a rambunctious 10 year old, I’m split when it comes to this stamp, because it is a fun, nerdy little item that I would definitely have on my desk were I in a normal working environment and yes I would actively use it, but then I have a rambunctious 10 year old… who is going to own this… and use it… and it has ink… and we have white walls and cream carpets upstairs… and it’s been a couple of weeks since he had it and I haven’t seen it since the first day and I have no idea where it is and Mario knows what type of mess he is hiding… and MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE???!!?!?!
EXCLUSIVE Turtle Trainer Stress Ball
‘Stressed out from trying to teach your turtle to say ‘Cowabunga?’ Try using our Turtle Trainer stress ball to ease your worry. It’s super effective! (One of four designs)’
Kian’s lucky this wasn’t in Donnie colours or I would have turtley pinched this as my own. This is a pretty awesome item and it comes in it’s own sturdy storage tube. Hopefully he’ll decide to throw this ‘Pokeball’ around instead of his very plastic, very noisy, actual Pokeballs and I can stop cringing everytime I hear it smash into something.
EXCLUSIVE Sherlock Manga ‘A Study In Pink’ #1 Issue
‘Sherlock manga from geek Fuel is exactly what you need to fill your mind palace! If you use your excellent powers of deduction, you’ll notice that 1000 copies are rare variants that can’t be found anywhere else in the world’
So, we didn’t get one of the exclusive variants but I do think that this cover is definitely the better looking one. Ki had absolutely no interest in this so it has ended up in our stash, now imagine me with a massive cheesy grin, I mean, it’s no Turtles Pokeball but it’s still awesome.

EXCLUSIVE Super 1-UP Planting Pot
‘Brighten up your castle with this super planting pot! Good for flowers, mushrooms or piranha plants!’
This is my favourite of the bunch, it’s pretty frackin’ awesome! Kian has been asking for a Venus Flytrap for a little while now and this is the perfect pot for it. I’ve bought some seeds but last time we tried to grow a Venus Flytrap, nothing happened, so as a backup plan, we have agreed that if it won’t grow, then Kian will make a piranha plant out of Hama beads for it instead. Which will still look pretty cool, but then as I’m sat here typing this, with the pot of piranha plants I made from card in front of me, I think they would probably look the most awesome.

EXCLUSIVE Big League Pikachew
‘Wear this and everyone will want a peek-at-chu! This shirt will have you shouting ‘I choose you!’ on laundry day. Every Master keeps a fresh pack of gum in his pocket and this iconic shirt says you chew the #1 brand among trainers from Pallet Town to Indigo Plateau.’
Yeah, you know he lost his shit when he saw this tee! It’s a great design and print and a pretty decent quality tee so this is definitely a great item.

BiT Evolution Downloadable Steam Game
‘Bit evolution is a journey into the past that draws inspiration from all of your favourite titles from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Travel through video game history with BiT, as he transforms from a simple 8 bit hockey puck, into a mob boppin’, platform jumpin’, pixel collectin’, pixel LEGEND!’
Another cool thing about Geek Fuel, is that you get a Steam game code included in every month’s box. We have a couple of codes now and what I am thinking of doing is setting up a Steam account for Ki and registering these games on it (as long as they are appropriate) and when I finally manage to upgrade my laptop, I’ll wipe this one and spruce it up a bit so he can have it and have his Steam account on. Good plan Chrissie! I know Chrissie, thanks Chrissie!
Overall, so far, I have been pretty impressed with Geek Fuel, but it is a few quid more than Loot Crate and so if Loot Crate bring out another monthly sub that suits Ki, then I can’t say I won’t change over to it but for now, I am satisfied and Ki loves it!
What did you think of the June Geek Fuel? If you fancy signing up, click here!

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