Ghostbusters Limited Edition Loot Crate

I will always love Ghostbusters. It’s one of my all time favourites and I still want to be a Ghostbuster to this day, so you know full well when Loot Crate announced a Ghostbusters crate that I had to buy it! I just had to! There was no doubt about it, it had to be mine! Oh, and there’s no controversy here, I haven’t seen the new movie but I do intend to watch it and I intend to enjoy it. A Ghostbuster is a Ghostbuster and if the OG team are cool with it, then so am I.
Moving on to the awesomeness that is this crate! The limited edition crates are more expensive, yes but they are worth it. I set aside the money for customs charges just in case, because it was over the £15 threshold but, just like the Aliens LE Crate, this one was delivered by Hermes, so no customs charges, yaaaaay!

First up, this is the product info sheet! Like the magazines in the monthly crates it has a titbit of info about each item but it’s shaped like the freakin’ trap! The image is super crisp and vibrant and looks great so I’m going to put this in a frame.

Ghostbusters Limited Edition Crate Enamel Pin
The LE pin is the 2016 Ecto 1 and is a great quality pin badge and it’s a good size, nearly double the size of the monthly pins. It’s a great addition to anyone’s pin collection.

EXCLUSIVE Set of 2 Pre-Vis Art Prints (Sony Pictures)

‘Proudly display these beautiful pieces of pre-vis art from the 2016 film.’
These are 2 great pieces with gorgeous, vibrant colours. That ghost one is just phenom! I need more frames!

EXCLUSIVE 2016 Uniform T-shirt (Loot Crate Labs)
‘Be among the first to rep the new crew in this costume shirt.’
There are a few reasons I am not a fan of this tee, the main one is that it’s a unisex. I’m not sure why Loot Crate have started doing unisex so much instead of mens/womens but because I have wide shoulders, unisex tees just make me look really stocky. The second reason is just because there is not much going on, I have one of the OG uniform costume t-shirts and it looks awesome but this is just 2 stripes across the front. I’ll probably still wear it though.

Exclusive 2016 Proton Pack Replica (Loot Crate Labs with Chronicle Collectibles)
‘A much safer way to display the Ghostbusters’ most important piece of equipment.’
This is pretty cool. I really like this and it comes with a good stand too. The Proton Pack is very light and measures just under 5 inches from the bottom of the pack to the top of the cable.

Exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer Figure (Titan Merchandise)
‘No need to clean up after this ectoplasmic little spud!’
Who doesn’t love Slimer? And he glows in the dark and quite brightly I might add. I need a Venkman vinyl figure with some glow in the dark slime on him, for… reasons… because… reasons.

I did forget to take a glow photo for this post but keep an eye out on my Instagram and I will put up a glow photo later but I love him so much.

Exclusive Die Cut Logo Rug (Qmx)
‘Make your stance on ghosts known in your home!’
This is my favourite item from the crate without a doubt. 

The rug measures about 24 inches and has a non slip back on it. It took about 2 days to flatten out those folds and I’m not sure how long it’s going to hold up with the “animals” I live with but I buy this stuff to use not to put away in some dusty corner, so use it I will and look awesome it does!
Oh and the box folds inside out to make an old school proton pack and they supply proper straps so that you can wear it. It’s freakin’ awesome. Overall, the whole crate was awesome, I do wish that it was a little more balanced on old and new items, it did lean towards the new film a little more, which I get but still, I would have liked it if it had of been the OG Proton Pack replica or the OG Ecto 1 pin badge instead. 
I pad $74.99 which at the moment works out at around £57 and I would honestly say that the items were definitely worth it and if Loot Crate were to bring out another LE crate of a franchise I love, then I would likely buy that crate too, I have bought the Loot 4 Fangirls one, although I am a bit annoyed that because it was at SDCC there have been a lot of spoilers, but still, good loot is good loot.
This crate is not available anymore but if you fancy getting awesome loot every month to your door, then sign up here to become part of the Nerdom!

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