Zen Luxuries Coconut and Apple Crunch Bath Bombs

I’ve been avoiding the blog this week, mostly because it’s hot as balls here right now and I have no motivation but also because I’m still in crisis over the whole ‘meds or no meds’ thing and also because when I went to my local GP Surgery to get my bloods taken, turns out I came home with a little surprise and woke up with someone else’s lurg in me and to be honest, because I have been trying so hard to get my desk pile done, the blog has been feeling like a little bit of a chore lately, I even considered shutting it down, then I stopped being silly and remembered what it had helped me through in 4 years and then I remembered that on July 16th, it had actually been 4 years since my first hello and then I realised that I had once again missed my blogiversary and it made me a little sad. I needed a little pick me up.
So, what better to post about today than bath bombs? These two lovelies are from a relatively new indie in my local area called Zen Luxuries. They are based in Wiltshire and it is run by an awesome guy that I not only went to college with, but we also ended up at the same place of employment a few years later. It don’t have make you old trying to think about how long you have known someone, 14 years! 14 Years! That is how long we have known each other. Rest assured though, I bought these products with actual monies and all of the opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions. They don’t currently have a web store, but you can email them at Info@zenluxuries.co.uk to see if they can deliver to you at the moment, do keep an eye on them as their web store will be happening in the near future.
Off topic slightly, I have been trying to get used to using my DSLR, which is amazing but sooooo confusing compared to my old bridge camera, there are so many buttons and settings and some of them I know about but then lots of them are new to me, so photos might be a little weird for a while until I can get used to it. Anyone got any tips? I know about ISO, luckily that was on my old camera but after that I’m pretty much stumped on everything else. I do love the miniature effect on it, got some great photos of a pigeon walking around the empty lot out back with that one, not that I spend my time weirdly watching pigeons or anything, I mean, I have a lot of time on my hands and I try to fill it with whatever I can but you know……….
Ok, Ok, I think that’s enough of my babbling for today, lets get back to these lovelies.
First up is the Coconut Bath Bomb! In it’s packaging, the fragrance on this one was nice but very strong, I did worry that it might be a little overpowering, but once in the water, it settled to a soft, almost sweet, coconutty scent.
It was a sinker but a fast fizzer and built up a white foam on the surface of the water. I live in a really hard water area and you can definitely tell in the bath but when using this bath bomb, it is the closest to soft water that I have felt in a very long time. My skin and hair felt really soft and hydrated afterwards. 
It could do with a little sparkle though, dontchathink? I know glitter in bath bombs isn’t to everyone’s taste and I know that I say a this for nearly every bath bomb that I try that doesn’t have it but just a really pretty, subtle shimmer in this one would be good. Sorry about the weird photo angle, cameras, eh? *tut*

The second one is the Apple Crunch bath bomb and this was the one I was looking forward to the most, so I bought two of these because I love apple scents. In the packaging, the fragrance on this one had a great throw, I could smell it from across the room but it wasn’t overly strong, it was a refreshing scent with a little bit of sweetness. In the water it was a lovely crisp scent which maintained that sweetness through my entire bath and because of this, I think it would make a great morning pick-me-up bath.
This one was a surface dweller and a fast fizzer which turned the bath water a beautiful apple green.
Both of these contain almond oil which is fast becoming a favourite of mine in bath products because it leaves my skin feeling fantastic. their prices are competitive and even better, in August, they are releasing a Pokeball bath bomb, which I am on like Pokemon! Geddit? Geddit? Should I just leave? Ok! I might just finish this post first and then I will go and think about what I have done. ┐(‘~`;)┌
Where can you find Zen Luxuries?  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Mention that I sent you if you go on to buy anything from them, make me look good internet friends (◠‿◠)

Have an awesome weekend you beautiful peoples!


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