Loot For Her: Futuristic

So this month, Loot for Her was revealed to be a wearable and when they asked everyone to go on and put in their shirt size, they gave a little bit more away, but of course, you never really know, do you? I always hold out hopes in this type of thing that the item will be a full blown knockout for one of my fandoms and sometimes it hits the mark other times, not so much but like this month, sometimes it’s half and half and it’s still an awesome item. 

EXCLUSIVE Bioshock Racerback Tank Top
My photos are still well on the terrible side, especially when it comes to clothing, I really need to get a hook put up near an empty white wall so I can hang them up and take nice photos, until I’m confident enough for ootd type photos anyway.
The tank top is cool, with a great image on the front that should take a while to wear out. It fits really well, but it’s a little too short for me personally to wear with leggings or trousers, however, I do think it would go well with a nice maxi skirt, especially for the rest of the summer.

It is a racerback and I do like this type of tank, mainly because you don’t get straps slipping down constantly. I love the colour too!
Now, for the last two months, we have received two items per Loot for Her so this month it feels a little like it’s been downgraded, I know cost is likely a factor, but even though I like this tank, I do kind of wish that they had stuck to it being a nerdy accessories subscription. I know we’ll likely still get accessories her and there but we get wearables from every crate we get from them (Core, Pets and Gaming) although I’m not going to complain too much if they put more leggings in. In fact, if they were to start a leggings Loot Wear (LVLUP is now known as Loot Wear) sub, then I would probably switch over to that, or maybe even scrounge some money together from the budget to get that too. 
So, what did you think of this month’s Loot for Her? Would you wear it or pass it on to someone else?

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Loot For Her: Futuristic

    1. When it comes to leggings it's just because I don't feel comfortable with shorter tops but I might try wearing it with a longer vest top underneath. It is a good tank though, maybe when I lose weight I'll be more confident wearing it with other things. :)x

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