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The July Loot Gaming theme was ‘Stranded’, celebrating franchises that force us to survive harsh environments and escape with our lives! Loot Crate have started announcing pretty early on in the month, which franchises they are putting in for that month’s crate, which does annoy me a little, I wish they would go back to being a bit more mysterious with it. Leave us guessing a bit more. 
Lets jump straight in to look at this month’s loot.

EXCLUSIVE Tomb Raider Collectible (Square Enix)
‘Don’t underestimate this adorable collectible Lara Croft figure or she’ll have all your treasure before you can say “Yamatai!” ‘
This is an exclusive Loot Gaming colour variant, I’m pretty sure the standard figure is wearing khaki shorts with the turquoise coloured top but definitely don’t quote me on that. This figure is adorable and a good sturdy vinyl. I couldn’t see any imperfections and she even has a tiny little backpack on. This is definitely one of my favourite Lara Croft depictions! The background in this photo is actually this month’s Loot Gaming box art.

EXCLUSIVE Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Flask (Loot Gaming Labs)
‘Kick back in the port of your choice and sing ribald sea shanties with this daring Assassin’s Creed IV flask! Just don’t let any Templars spot you.’
If I was able to, I would fill this with water or a nice juice, go and stand in town drinking it with the logo facing outwards and when someone spots me and gets judgey, then I’ll look directly at them, look spooked and pretend to run up the wall or jump and roll over a small wall and hide behind it. But I’m not able to, so I get to just think about all the awesome weird things I could be doing.
The flask itself is pretty much your standard 6oz stainless steel flask with a faux leather wrap that has the Black Flag symbol stamped into it. It’s the sort of thing that would make an awesome gift to a gaming drinker or a drinking gamer or just a drunk that is always too drunk to know what the symbol on the front is anyway. 

EXCLUSIVE Dead Island Banoi Resort Towel (Surreal Entertainment)
‘Commemorate your exciting stay at the Banoi resort with these decorative towels. Great for soaking up zombie gore!’
This towel is 30″x 60″ which is actually pretty big, hence the weird angle photo. It’s 100% cotton and actually feels like the towels you get in hotels. It’s very soft, so I think it’s more of a ‘wrap around you until you dry’ kind of towel than an actual ‘rub yourself dry’ kind of towel. The print on it is very high quality, you can’t actually feel that the print is any different to the rest of the towel.

EXCLUSIVE Far Cry Primal T-Shirt (Rock Me Apparel)
‘Could you conquer nature with only your wits and your bow? What about if you had a pet sabertooth?’
Ok, first of all, if I had a pet sabertooth, I’d be able to conquer everything and I would! As for the t-shirt, I’m a little bit ‘meh’ about it, that could be because I’m not into Far Cry. It’s your pretty standard Loot Crate tee, 100% cotton, goo quality print, the right size! Luckily it’s not mine but yeah, meh!

Stranded Coin Pin (K&S Speciality)

‘Player vs. Nature! the survival knife planted in the beautiful beach of this desert island symbolises the time we’ve survived and won the battle against the harsh wilderness.’
Another awesome pin badge for Loot Gaming, all of which look awesome together. As long as they keep this look for the badges, I will never not like them.
So all in all, a good crate and a nice loot haul, If you fancy signing up in time for the August crate, pop over here http://looted.by/d07P2 and get $5 off your first month!

Author: Chrissie

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