In my opinion, Loot Crate has been killing it with the limited edition crates, this is the third one that we have bought and I have loved all of them. This crate is called Loot4Fangirls, it was an SDCC and online exclusive, what I didn’t realise from that was that SDCC would have it way before those who pre-ordered it online and so spoilers were rife which did annoy me a little, hopefully if they do a similar thing in the future, they plan it a little better to ensure spoilers are kept to a minimum. 
I really like the box design for this one, the outside was covered in the #loot4fangirls fangirl4ever tags (the above photo).
The item info sheet was basically one big sticker with these 4 stickers at the bottom. They are standard paper stickers so I have to be careful what I stick them on but they’re awesome, I really love the name tag one.
EXCLUSIVE Borderlands Mad Moxxi Nailwraps (Espionage Cosmetics)
My relationship with nail wraps in the past has been pretty up and down, mostly down and so, while I have been admiring the Espionage Cosmetics nerdy wraps for what feels like forever, I have never bought any because I would probably mess them up and it would feel like a waste. I was super happy to see a set in the crate so that I can actually give them a go, I’m not going to jump in and use them straight away though, I’m going to save them for when I won’t be able to do my nails for a week or so and that way I can actually give them a good go and hopefully not mess them up in the application process. They even glow in the dark <3
EXCLUSIVE The Walking Dead Michonne/ Carol Charm Wrap Bracelet (Love and Madness)
I like Walking Dead (although I haven’t watched last season yet, so hush your gums) I like Love and Madness jewellery and this bracelet is pretty awesome. It feels well made and looks great.
EXCLUSIVE DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Mini-Figure (Cryptozoic Entertainment)
OMG! I love this figure so much. The DC Bombshells range is awesome anyway but this little mini is fab and the fact that it is Wonder Woman makes it even better. I’m currently using the tin as a stand for here. The paint job is what makes her a Loot Crate exclusive, she normally just has bright, matte paint but this one is metallic paint.

Bonus! EXCLUSIVE “Fangirls: A Coloring Book for Girls That Like Stuff” + Colouring Pencils (Katie Cook & Ashley Eckstein: Her Universe Press)
The adult colouring books have definitely taken off this year and this colouring book from Her Universe works for both kids and adult fangirls. The box of pencils are small and unbranded but can be good to get along with if you don’t already some.

The book is packed with fantastic fangirl depictions, many of which I feel akin to, the 3 above are just 3 of my favourites, I love most of them though, but I just wanted you to get an idea of the cute artwork. There are also pages at the back with just the border so that if think there were any fangirls missing, then you can add them in.

EXCLUSIVE Women of Marvel Skater Dress (Her Universe)
This is just frackin’ amazing! Loot Crate had originally announced that there would be a Her Universe wearable in the Loot4Fangirls crate so I knew something awesome was coming, then the dress was spoilered for me 🙁 but it didn’t stop it from being awesome. The quality is incredible and even though I’m not much of a dress girl, this dress feel super comfortable to wear, it’s really soft. The fit is perfect! As is the length. I love it!

EXCLUSIVE Star Trek Uhura Clutch Bag (A Crowded Coop)
This is my favourite item of the whole crate. It’s a faux leather clutch that is a good size and it has bars along the top seam to give it structure when the zip is open. This would make an awesome ‘going out out’ clutch or a fab make up bag, if you don’t have a problem with it getting dusty and dirty on the inside. It looks great and the colours are lovely and bold.

The charm is absolutely beautiful with an Uhura charm, an Enterprise charm  and 3 tiny little Tribbles. Tell me you don’t love this!
So that is the entirety of the Loot4Fangirls crate, what did you think of it?

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