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Different style of photo for the title today because I’ve used all my spoons and can’t be bothered to move or do any blog stuff but I really wanted to tell you about another UK based company who sells awesome leggings. Poison Apple Clothing is run by one lovely lady called Lauren and they sell mostly nerdy leggings, dresses, skirts, jumpers and accessories. They have some plus sizes but if the website doesn’t show any in your size, you can always ask Lauren and she is happy to check if your size would be available, same goes for if you are after something in particular that isn’t on the website.
I first came across Poison Apple Clothing on Instagram and I saw the sports leggings pre-order which were available in my actual size. They were exactly what I was looking for and at only a tenner a pair, I bought 2, the Batman and normal Pac-Man one. They arrived quickly and they fit perfectly and I love them. They are so easy to wear and comfy and for exercise, they really help minimise thigh chafing during workouts, which is definitely the worst part about working out.
Lauren also sells normal leggings and so a few weeks after being in love with my sports leggings, I was after some Space Invaders ones so I popped a message across to her and she found these ones available from her supplier and the Tetris ones which I had to have, so I did. These ones are £13.50 and it took a couple of weeks from them to get from the supplier to Lauren but she sent them promptly and these ones were perfect too. Although Kylo has already plucked loads of fibres on the Tetris ones but hey ho. The Space Invaders ones are definitely my favourite, I love pairing them with my Jordan Dene ‘Kylo Ren is a punk bitch’ tank and my little BB-8 necklace.
Of, course, with more exercising happening, I needed more than 2 pairs of the sports leggings, so I bought another two when I could, which was pretty recently, I was after Ghostbusters and Deadpool but these are non-existent everywhere by the looks of things, (which I am gutted about, I am still trying to find Ghostbusters awesomeness at affordable prices) so Lauren found me some nerdy ones and I chose the pixelated Mario style world ones and the alternate Pac-Man ones, again it took a couple of weeks but again, they were perfect.
I fully intend to purchase from Poison Apple Clothing in the future and if you do, don’t forget to mention that you read about them here.
Where to find Poison Apple Clothing: Shop | Instagram | Facebook
Hope you’ve all had an awesome start to the week!

Author: Chrissie

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