Danglefoot Nail Polish Achey Breaky Heart

Here is another absolutely stunning polish from Danglefoot Nail Polish that I have just not done justice to. This beauty is Achey Breaky Heart, a purple jelly with pink/gold flakies and bronze micro flakes and it’s from the upcoming Country Music Collection when Hayley reopens, which fingers crossed, will be soon. Hayley very kindly sent me this as an extra in my Whovian Indie Box because I was a dumbass and selected the wrong postage and paid too much, only a few quid, so it was very nice of her to send me a full polish.
The formula is fantastic as always, it applies nicely and dries to a semi matte, smooth finish, with the odd flakie poking up to say ‘hi’. It’s a very vibrant colour and you could probably get away with one thick coat on this one but I would recommend two thin coats. Photos show two coats with one coat of Seche.

Clean up is easy, with removal being a little bit tougher because of the flakies. For the accent nail, I stamped using Bundle Monster BM-H01, Moyou White Knight and Models Own Cerise.

How much money have you mentally spent with all the new polishes Hayley has been showing? There is a few I’m hoping to grab but I know full well it’s going to be a complete bum-rush so I’m going to have back ups on my list, just in case.
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