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Urgh, last week everyone around me got sick with some kind of virus thing and it was horrible, I had to adult like crazy which was super tired, then on Thursday I started feeling lurgy and for the last few days I have been suffering. I took a few rest days and even though I am still sick as a dog, I wanted to get blog stuff done, so I have done loads of photo editing and will hopefully put more posts up this week.

Today I have got these pretty stickers from Born Pretty Store to show you. I added them on top of my gel mani using the beautiful chrome powder, also from Born Pretty.
On this sticker sheet, you get a good selection of different designs including planets, moons in colour and gold, stars, geometric shapes and constellations, and you also get some chain stickers along the top of the sheet, these are long enough to go across 3 or 4 nails.
The stickers are a sort of gummy style, they apply to the nail easily and stay put, but, they are easy to lift off and reposition. They will give you 3d looking nail art, even with a few coats of topcoat, unless you use them under gel topcoat.
When removing, the came off just like normal nail polish in a few rubs with regular nail polish remover.
You can find these stickers here for £0.91/$1.29 and don’t forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non-sale items.
Hope you had an awesome Monday so far!

Author: Chrissie

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