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Gah! So late posting this, the January boxes have already started arriving but I have been so lazy when it comes to the blog so far this year, I need a kick up the butt I think haha. 
The December theme for Loot Gaming was Space! I love Space and it’s pretty hard to get it wrong, there’s so much that you can pull from. As you can see in the main photo above, the poster/info sheet was all ripped when it arrived, annoying because it’s one of my favourite ones so far.

Destiny Scarf
‘In destiny. players must battle hostile alien races to defeat the Darkness as guardians of the Light. Imbued with powers from The Traveler. a mysterious being that hangs in the sky, the Guardians visit planets all over the Solar System in a n attempt to snuff out evil and bring peace back to a shattered Earth. In the game, Guardians have equippable scarves or cloaks depending on their class, which inspired us to create this Destiny scarf!’
There were 3 different versions available, Warlock Bond, Titan Mark or Hunter Cloak. As you can see we got the Warlock Bond! It’s a pretty good scarf, it’s soft and cosy but I don’t expect it would do well in wet. Although Jim is using it more as a display piece.

Mass effect T-Shirt
‘The Mass Effect series is an action , RPG, third-person shooter from BioWare that is regarded as one of the greatest space operas in game format. The first three games tell the tale of Commander Shepard, a soldier trying to prevent The Reapers, an ancient alien race, from destroying the galaxy. Mass effect: Andromeda, the fourth game in the game in the series, is coming out soon, so we’re celebrating with this elite tee!’
I love this tee so much! It’s so simple but it’s great. The band goes across the chest, it’s a good print that, when it fades, will look vintage. The tee is great quality and fits Jim perfectly. 

Ratchet & Clank Omni-Wrench Pen 
‘Following the adventures of a Lombax and his robot pal, Ratchet & Clank is a platformer set in a sci-fi world, where ratchet and Clank travel through the universe saving it from the forces of evil. The in-game weapons were many and varies, since ratchet is an engineer, but one of the first weapons you receive is the OmniWrench 8000. Since we can’t send weapons through the mail, we worked with Sony to create one in pen form.’
This is a super fun item and great for any nerd desk. A display item but also functional. Ratchet & Clank are turning 15 in 2017 so this is a fun reminder to go back to these games. 

X-COM Chryssalid Figure
‘The X-COM franchise revolves around an elite and secret international task force assigned to protect the world from alien invasions. Festured in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2, Chryssalids are fast, four legged, poisonous aliens that implant themselves in humans they kill, spawning even more Chryssalids from the possessed zombie human bodies. Even though they’re gross and evil, they’re still really cool looking, so we created this awesome figure in honor of a worthy foe.’
This is a cool and creepy figure, you can see a photo of it out of the box at the bottom of the post. It’s a good quality vinyl figure that stands on it’s own and it’s 100% exclusive.
Space Coin Pin
‘SPACE, the final frontier of the year for Loot Gaming! Celebrate the games that reached beyond the known, out into the depths of the galaxy with this stellar coin pin’
Another great pin from Loot Gaming, it’s shiny and gold and space themed, what’s not to love?
The box flipped out to a star chart or something, and here is the XCOM figure out of the box.
Overall it was a great box to end 2016 with, so hopefully they keep it up through 2017! If you fancy signing up, you still have time for this month, pop here http://looted.by/eQNpu and get to getting!

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