Geek Fuel January 2017

Geek Fuel got the cover of their magazine this month right! Although in fairness, they got the whole box right this month, I love everything and as usual, I am super jealous that none of it is mine.

First up is a Princess Leia badge that is not listed on the info card but is perfect and such a nice inclusion.
QFIG Collectible Figurine- Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
‘With geek Fuel’s first feature with Quantum Mechanix, we’re happy to see a variety alongside killer value. Find one of these four in your box and add it to your collector shelf, or head over to Facebook and get trading.’
I/we love QFIGs, and we have the best Harley in her harlequin outfit but this one is super cool and would look great in our collection but alas, it is Kian’s and it is for his collection. The other 3 that we could have got were Arrow, The Flash and Mr. Freeze! Mr.Freeze would have been cool (ahahaha) but I think we got the best one in Harley.

‘Does your hero smell like they’ve been sword-slinging all over the land in Hyrule? Get them cleaned up with these exclusive Rupee Soaps. Each one has it’s own distinct scent, perfect for washing away every battle stench!’
Ok, so as a parent, I made the executive decision that these should be the sink soap for washing hands, it’s a pretty great decision if I do say so myself. Then they can kind of be on display and also encourage Ki to wash his hands more often, why are boys so gross? I can’t work out what the scents of each one are but the green one smells very citrusy, almost like Jif or Cif, whatever it’s bloody called now. They are quite strong smelling, I haven’t used them yet, they are still in the packaging. I definitely would have preferred if the black bit they are in was plastic instead of foam, that way it could have been used as a kind of soap dish and to have them on display next to each other at the sink.

EXCLUSIVE Epic Enamels He-Bot Edition
‘When Robots roll into battle for the control of the universe, there can be only one winner. Fortunately for He-Bot, it’s usually him. Not to be left in the shadows, Skele-Fuel will make rare appearances in his limited edition 500 run.’
YAS! Seriously, I am in love with the pins that Geek Fuel have been doing lately, I love the fact that Fuel is getting in on the cosplay game. I’m not going to lie, the Skele-Fuel one looks pretty awesome and is the first rare one that I kind of wish we had gotten.


‘Who isn’t re-purposing these days? The rebels certainly make good use of this droid, while the affable wash lends his comedic talents to the bot who is just trying to find his voice after years of automation. Now what do you say we hit the tropics and find ourselves a battle?’
OMG! I love this t-shirt, another one to make me jealous. I don’t know what is going on with the colour in this photo but the tee is black and the image is bright orange, for some reason my camera didn’t like it. I still haven’t seen Rogue One but I have heard that the entire movie is just K-2S0 throwing shade and that just makes me want to watch it more. Great Tee!

Ninja Pizza Girl Downloadable STEAM Game
‘It’s tough to find ways to take on important topics, but Ninja Pizza girl does just that, stealthily delivering her goods while battling bullies & doing her part to keep a small family business alive.’
I finally set up a STEAM account for Kian, he doesn’t know it but I am registering every game he gets from Geek Fuel to that account, thankfully none of the codes had expired, and when I finally get a new laptop, he is having this one for school work and STEAM games. Parenting ftw! Ninja Pizza Girl looks like a fun, comic style platformer that is all about self-esteem, bullying and resilience, all things that are great for a kid of Kians age to learn to deal with and it has very positive reviews. My baby is going to secondary school in September and I am bricking it. Any other parents get that feeling of dread hoping the kids don’t go through what you went through at school?
Overall, a great start to the year from Geek Fuel and I hope to see this type of stuff continue for 2017. What did you think of the January box? If you fancy signing up in time for the February box, pop over here now!
Have an awesome weekend, weirdos!

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