Loot Pets: Origin

Like the Loot Crate core, Loot Pets had a theme of Origins in January and if the core crate was anything to go by then the pets crate was going to be awesome too. Let’s jump in and have a look at the goodies that Kylo got!

EXCLUSIVE Krypto Plush (Fetch4Pets)
‘Krypto may be the dog of steel, but this plush pup is super soft, with a squeaker in the body and a fun crinkle cape’
I know it seems like I say this every time but Kylo loves this toy! I mean she LOVES it. She has been carrying it around with her every minute of every day since she got it 3/4 weeks ago, and when I say carrying, I mean gently carrying it, in her front teeth, by one of the feet. And when I say she has been carrying it with her every minute, I mean you look at her and regardless of what she is doing, Krypto is there, dangling from her mouth.
The quality is pretty good too. OK, So the cape’s stitching ripped on day 1 and the plastic crinkle stuff fell out. And the patch on the front has been slowly fraying more and more but other than that, it’s been absolutely fine. Of course, it is white and gets grubby as shit constantly but that can be solved with a whizz in the washing machine, which we have done twice, Kylo was not happy, but Krypto came out sparkling white, with not a single bit of fluff out of place.

Here are the two of them together before they became inseparable. Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s definitely getting the hang of this posing malarkey, when she wants to that is.
Star Trek Uniform Pet Bowl (The Coop)
‘Bowl-dly go where no pup has gone before! Your dog can explore their tribbles n’ bits with one of these durable bowls designed to look like the original Starfleet uniforms- which color did you get?’
This is awesome!!! There were 3 colours available, as you can see we got yellow, which represents Command and Helm. I would have preferred blue, which as you all know is Science and Medical but this is still awesome. We are going to keep it for if we go away anywhere and need to take bowls for her because at home she has a raised bowl stand with bowls to fit it.

EXCLUSIVE Meaty-orites Dog Treats (Loving Pets)

‘These chicken and cranberry puffs have arrived on Earth to give your pup abilities far beyond those of ordinary pets! Abilities may include: drooling, tail wagging and super speed,’
Kylo doesn’t like these. I cannot work out why because if you put it in front of her she will sniff it then turn her nose up at it and leave it forever. 

She will never put the treat in her mouth. But, if you crush it up into little bits and put those bits in front of her, she will hoover them up! I know what you are thinking! You’re thinking maybe they are too big for her! Well no! Because even the smallest ones, and there are some really small ones, she still will not eat it unless you crush it up and she eats treats bigger than this!

It can’t be the smell, because she likes the smells, or the texture, because the crushed up bits have the same texture. So who knows with her, she’s just a fussy little bitch. Here’s hoping she likes the treats in the February crate.
EXCLUSIVE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pet Charm (Nickolodeon)
‘Based on the TMNT’s classic logo, this stylish collar charm will have your do saying “Cowabunga!”‘
This charm is amazing! I love this so much and it obviously suits her! The matching pin from Loot Crate is amazing too and we are going to match for a while because TMNT everything!!!

So this month was pretty good. I love the Origins theme and I love that they are sticking with the toy/treat/functional item format and we are getting use from it all too.
What did you think about the January Loot Pets? Fancy signing up so your pet doesn’t miss out on more goodies, pop here, you’ll get $5 off, so get to getting!

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