Zoya Waverly

I recently found out that Zoya polishes were for sale in the UK from Super Nail & Beauty and I had to get some of them! I’ve been lusting after Zoya for years but it was just too expensive until now, so I bought 2 polishes with some of my Christmas money. the first up is the beautiful Waverly, a pixie dust, and you know that I love me some texture. 
Waverly is a gorgeous navy blue with light blue glitters and gives an absolutely stunning finish. The first coat is patchy but it build up nicely with the second coat. It does apply absolutely beautifully and the polish is not too thick like other textured polishes! The texture is a sandy, fine grit texture and is just a pleasure to wear. With doubt it is a pain in the ass to remove, as all textured and glitter polishes are but it’s worth it, definitely worth it!
You can’t buy it separately on Super Nail anymore unfortunately but you can buy it as part of the ‘Icy Kiss Lips and Tips’ bundle for £26, or if you only want it on it’s own, Nail Polish Direct have it for £11.70!
I’m off to put this on all my nails because I’m in love with it! Hope Monday has been kind to you!

Author: Chrissie

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