Born Pretty Stamping Plate Organiser

OK, as we’re all nail addicts here, we can honestly admit that when it comes to stamping plates we have a serious problem, it’s ok, this is a safe, non-judgey place, you can be honest, you have hundreds don’t you? Yep, me too! We’re in constant need of storage for them and then what about the plates that are weirdly shaped? You know, the square ones that you can just about squeeze into your round plate holder but it damages the pocket and the octagonal ones that pretty much don’t fit anywhere. Well check out this stamping plate holder from Born Pretty Store

There are 16 small pockets, which you can of course do back to back plates in so you can fit 32 round, square or octagonal plates in, and there are 8 long pockets for larger plates like BPS large plates or Moyou plates, which again you can double up to fit 16 of those.
The pockets are slightly larger than normal and so the square plates fit in comfortably without causing any damage.

As do the octagonal plates. Plus, the case zips and is slightly padded so it can be the home for your more expensive rectangular plates or it’s a great holiday/getaway accessory if you plan on getting your nail art on whilst soaking up the sun! And it looks like a cute purse too!
Plus, it’s an absolute steal at the moment at £5.61/$7.99, and if you’re shopping for other things don’t forget to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items!

Author: Chrissie

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