Barry M Holographic Lights

When Barry M posted on their Instagram that they were bringing out a holographic polish, I knew that this was an instant buy for me. We haven’t had a high street holo since GOSH Holographic Hero (I think) and I only came into the nail world after the 2nd version of that was released. The holo in the 2nd version was pretty weak sauce tbh and with the quality of indie holos, there was definitely no competing.

So yeah! I was excited and their sneak peek of the holo was far from weak, it was glorious! The holo in this one is pretty strong! It was full coverage in 2 coats and dried very fast. It dries to a semi matte finish and adding topcoat brings out the sparkle even more. Photos are 2 coats with a coat of Seche.
If you’re a holosexual then this is a definite must have! You can buy it direct from Barry M, from Superdrug and from Boots for £3.99, this is part of the Molten Metal range. I really hope they bring out more colours in this range and it would be awesome to see a whole holo range in the future.
Holo polishes are great for in the sun and boy have we been getting the sun this week. What polish do you wear when the sun comes out?

Author: Chrissie

1 thought on “Barry M Holographic Lights

  1. Oh I've been eyeing this on a lot of UK nailies! And its even prettier on you than anyone else I've seen it on! And yay for you getting sunlight xD The sun's always out here in Karachi but I've been stuck with reds and pinks for the most part!

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