Born Pretty Store Icy Castle from the Metal Series

Nyaaaaaaaaah! TOO HOT! This heatwave seems to be happening in quite a few places around the world, what temperature is it where you are? I am way too hot to get any motivation to do nail art, but luckily I was sent this polish from Born Pretty Store. This is Icy Castle from their Metal Series and is a gorgeous icy blue.

The formula is like pretty much all metallic polishes and applies streaky on the first coat and if you go over a bit that you’ve already done, then it drags the polish off again and leaves a big, nasty streak, but it does all even out on the second coat and brush marks are minimal by the time the polish dries. In these photos I am wearing three coats with no topcoat, except on the thumb. On the thumb I added one coat of Seche and the polish underneath seemed to shrivel up and wrinkle. You can see that it looks like I have massive ridges on my nail, which I don’t. I think this was just because it was a quick dry topcoat.
The polish does also have a chrome look to it. I wish it had photographed better because although not anywhere near as good as chrome powder, as a polish trying to mimic the chrome effect, they have actually done a pretty good job.
Icy Castle dried quickly and to a smooth, semi matte finish.
You can find this polish here for £2.52/$3.59, it is a 9ml bottle and there are 4 other pretty colours available. Plus, don’t forget to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.
Stay hydrated and use sunscreen people!

Author: Chrissie

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