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I had hoped for this post to go up earlier in the week but also be more substantial than it is, but the heat is playing havoc with me and I really had trouble using this, which is annoying because I had seen so many awesome manis out there using these or similar and I was really excited to use them.
These are from Born Pretty Store and just in case you don’t know what these are, you place them down over the stamping plate after you have scraped and pick an image up through the cutout then stamp. There are 4 different ones with lots of different shapes and sizes.

For my first nail art I decided to try a lacy ruffian sort of look. I used 3 different sizes of the oval shapes on G001 and BP-L030 stamping plate. The base is Born Pretty Store Shine in the Dark (a beautiful, strong holo) and I stamped using Barry M Silver Foil.

For my second nail art I did a kind of clockwork mani using the flames and the semi circle cutout from G004, the square stripes from G003 and the heart from G002 and Bundle Monster BM-609 plate. The base is Barry M Black Forest and I stamped using Born Pretty Gold Stamping Polish.

Here’s a shot of my thumb because I think it’s kind of cute.
My clear stamper worked with the guides, as did my really sticky squidgy stamper so I think most stampers will work with these and I was really slow in doing getting everything moved into place to get the stamping done so I don’t think you have to be super speedy with them. They are made from a thin sheet of metal, so I highly recommend not scraping them along your nail like I did *shudder*
I did find that some of the images were too thin in spots for me to get a full pick up some of the stamp, so you didn’t quite get the shape. I think G001 is definitely my favourite of the guides.
You can get these here for £2.80/$3.99 per guide and don’t forget that you can use code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.
If you like the look of them, then I recommend popping over to Instagram and checking out all the awesome manis that other nailies have done.
Hope the heat is not treating you too bad!

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