Geek Fuel July 2017

It was another pretty good month for Geek Fuel, Jim keeps trying to get me to cancel it but with how good they have been lately I am really hesitant and I would honestly keep the sub purely for the pins they do now, I mean, they are pretty awesome on their own anyway.
I know this is super late, especially since they have already shipped this month’s but I am getting there, so lets have a look at this month!

Steamroll Downloadable STEAM Game 
‘Solve tricky puzzles and adventure through a steampunk world in Steamroll. It’s like minigolf with robots and 19th century machinery, which makes golf way cooler.’
This looks like a cool puzzle game and it looks great visually, plus the review are overall positive and that’s a good sign. Oh, and the game is a tenner right now so it’s got a good value in the box.

Kidrobot Street Fighter V 3″ Vinyl Mini Figure
‘Start your very own World Warrior tournament with these collectible 3″ figures from Kidrobot! Strike a fighting pose and don’t forget to HADOUKEN!’
As you can see, we got Vega, and he looks pretty cute. I do really like mystery mini figures or maybe it’s just that I like mini figures because they are all pretty much adorable. I forgot to check the box to see who else we could’ve gotten, who did you get?

Barrel Cooler Drink Holder
‘Keep your canned beverages chilly while climbing ladders or jumping from your jungle treetops. We’re 99% sure the Barrel Cooler won’t launch your drink out of your hands.’
This is a fun item, we don’t really have cans in our house very often but this is a structured can holder and so i am probably going to use it for brush or pencil storage, it looks great. Donkey Kong was one of my favourite games when I was younger, especially since I was only able to play it at my Nan’s house on my Uncle’s SNES. I now own them all on my DS but I am excited to play it again on the big screen on the mini SNES, who else has pre-ordered that badboy?

Serenity T-Shirt
‘In the year 2517, everything looks like the old west, but with spaceships. We embrace that retrofuturism sci-fi concept with this t-shirt: a classic design of an iconic spaceship from your favourite off-air television show.’
Firefly stuff is a big yes and this t-shirt is awesome. It’s actually closer to a dark brown than I show in my photo but on the card it shows it more of a burgundy than a dark brown so I’m not actually sure what colour it’s supposed to be.

Epic Enamels Thunder Clasp Edition
‘Sight beyond sight! Mind-power! Sixth sense! Sport your Thunder Clasp and summon the strengths of a powerful cat-human alien. The 80s was a strange time.’
There were 5 variations of this one and Cheetara was definitely the best one in my opinion so I am so glad we got her. The 2 rare variations as you can see are Mumm-Ra and Snarf and the 2 other normal variations are Lion-O and Panthro. As always, it would be nice to get a rare variation but Cheetara is definitely the best.
So that was the July box! what did you think? The August box which has just been shipped is supposed to be their biggest box ever and they have confirmed an exclusive Wonder Woman item, so I’m super excited for both reasons and hopefully I’ll have the August box up soon than this time next month!!!
Stay awesome!

Author: Chrissie

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