Snikt and Bamf! July VIP Box: Retro Games

Look at all that awesome! This is the Snikt and Bamf! July Retro Games VIP box. It’s my second VIP box from them and I love every piece in it. 
I found Snikt and Bamf! through Instagram, and I was desperate to own some of their pieces, luckily I had some Christmas money and got my first pieces at the beginning of the year and they were amazing, which only made me want more, so when they announced the 80’s cartoons VIP box (back in May) I knew I had to have it, and every piece was awesome, so, when they announced that the July VIP box was going to be Retro Games there was no doubt that I had to own it.

You get this little piece of paper in the box with some info about the inspiration for each item.

Asteroids Necklace
This is one solid piece of black acrylic with a design inspired by the Asteroids game screen etched into it, including scoring at the top.
One of the things I like about the Snikt and Bamf! necklaces is that they have 2 jumps rings at different distances so that you can have the necklace at 2 different lengths and the chains are really sturdy, plus you can clip both jump rings on so that you don’t have a length of chain hanging down at the back.
It measure about 4 inches at the top and 2 inches across the bottom and it’s about 3mm thick.

Heart Bar Necklace
This is a double layer heart bar necklace inspired by The Legend of Zelda. It feels pretty sturdy and looks fantastic. I find it sits really nicely at the shorter length.
It’s 4.5 inches across and measures about 1.1 down. With the 2 layers it’s about 6mm thick.
Blooper Brooch
This brooch is so perfect. It’s double layered and has some super thin cuts in parts of it.
It is 2.3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. With the 2 layers of acylic is is about 6mm thick. And it has a 1.5 inch brooch bar lengthways on the back.
This VIP box was awesome (as was the last one I got) and next time a theme I am interested in comes up and as long as my bank account allows it, then I’ll be getting it. For the August VIP box they are following Alice down the rabbit hole, if you subscribe to the VIP boxes then it’s £30 a month recurring but if you just want to do what I do and buy one offs then it is £35 a box and considering that lots of the necklaces on their shop are around £35 on their own and brooches are typically £10+ then you’re definitely getting a bargain with this box price. Pop here if you want to get a VIP box or sub. A hint to the theme gets announced on their social media every month so make sure you’re following them on one, or all!
Also pop here to delve into the goodies on their shop, they have some awesome items for many a fandom and you are bound to find something that makes your purse itchy and your squee fall out when it arrives. You can find where to follow them for cool sneak peeks and more awesome stuff below.
Where to find Snikt and Bamf!: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest
Have an awesome day!

Author: Chrissie

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