I’m feeling very punny today and knot in a bad way haha! I finally have a new and fully functioning laptop and I am just trying to get used to it, the keyboard is all laid out slightly differently but it’s enough to throw me off a bit, so if you notice anything wrong let me know.

So, anyway, I was sent this embellishment wheel by BeautyBigBang and as you can see, there are 12 different types of charms. So we have anchors, a turtle, mermaids, seahorses, 3 different types of silver shells, silver starfish, 3 different types of gold shells and gold starfish. For the larger charms, anchors, mermaids and seahorses, you only get 2, but for the shells and starfish you get 5 of each. I was a little sad to see only one turtle in there, I had an idea for a mani for him but really, ideally need 2, one for each hand. I might still do it and maybe do something a little different on the other hand.
For this mani, I went down the sailor route. My bases colours are Barry M Supersonic and Barry M Frost. I used vinyls to get the stripes. I did try and line them up on all the nails but somehow got the opposite on my ring finger and middle finger.  The stamp is from Bundle Monster BM-504!
The charms are all great quality and are easy to get on the nail, they work well with either smooshing them into wet topcoat or with nail glue. You could probably get away with using the larger charms for multiple mani’s if you used the topcoat method.
You can find this wheel here for £2.31/$2.99 and don’t forget to use my code PLUS10 for 10% off your order, just pop it in at checkout.
Sea you soon! 

Author: Chrissie

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