Espionage Cosmetics Manga Nail Wraps

So this week didn’t go quite to plan with my blog stuff, on Sunday my laptop started the Windows Creators Update and continued in a horrible loop of downloading and installing until Wednesday when it finally completed that afternoon, then on Thursday I had a wisdom tooth removed, it was not a routine extraction and once the anaesthetic had worn off I wanted to do nothing but sleep, it also triggered my Trigeminal Neuralgia, so myeh! FYI, touching your mouth stitches with the tip of your tongue may cause lots of wretching! *shudders* 
Anyway, Could these wraps be any prettier? I love the ‘Senpai noticed me’ one so much and they all have glittery accents. These are the Manga nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics, they are glossy and they’re in stock!!! Go get them quick, pop over here to the shop and type Manga in the search.
Hope you are having an awesome Saturday.

Author: Chrissie

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