The best £104 that ever was spent!

This post isn’t an ad or a sponsored post, it’s just me, pretty much gushing about a product that I would hate to live without.
Back at the beginning of 2007, Jim bought me these just because (we were on good money back then). You see, I had tried straighteners before because my hair was a massive bushy mess and none of them had really lived up to their slogans and my hair was never straight or never stayed straight for long. But then there was a thing at work and one of my colleagues offered to do my hair and she had these straighteners that were absolutely incredible! They were the GHD IV’s and I was amazed that my hair could look so good and then I spent weeks looking at them online and sighing loudly because I really couldn’t justify something so extravagant. £104 was a lot of money to spend on just me! But then Jim forced my hand and bought them for me, some GHD IV’s of my very own.
And now they are nearly 11 years old! I have never had an electric item last so long before, not even a fridge or washing machine, although my tv is still kind of working but it has broken down a few times and these have not stopped working even once. I use them often too, not only that but I have dropped them, a lot, and I have thrown them across the room because of a particularly violent twitch. They have survived 4 house moves and I even melted a part of the cable into a permanent bend (Don’t worry, no cables are exposed and that was about 6 years ago so they are pretty safe, I hope) 
I know I am blatantly jinxing myself and the moment I post this they will break but honestly, they are about £80 online now and I could definitely justify buying them purely because I know they last so long and I used them a lot. If anyone asked me to recommend straighteners, these would be them. and not just because they last for ages but because they work so bloody well. I can’t vouch for how well any other model of GHD’s work but these, these are the ones you need in your life, especially if, like me,  your hair is a monster that needs to be tamed. 
Gushing over, normal posts will resume tomorrow!

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