Espionage Cosmetics Classic Sonic the Hedgehog GITD Nail Wraps

Espionage Cosmetics Sonic the Hedgehog gamer nerdy nail wraps
As promised, here are the other set of the amazing Sonic the Hedgehog nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics. This is a completely new angle for my hand and I’m not sure it works for me but I just had to show these the right way up. As I said before, both ends of the new 22’s are curved and so I could have done it from the other end but then I wouldn’t have got these cute Sonics by my cuticles. 
These beauties have glitter on the rings that is very sparkly but not only that…
Espionage Cosmetics Sonic the Hedgehog gamer nerdy nail wraps glow in the dark

… but they glow in the dark, and the glow on these is so strong straight out of the packet. This was without even turning my UV torch on. As soon as I turned out the lights, I was nearly blinded by them.

Any gamer will love these, and d’ya know what you’re going to love more than the wraps? The fact that they are currently 50% off which brings them down to only $6!!! All licensed wraps are in this sale, plus if you’re spending $25 or over and you have gone through my link which you’ll be able to click through in a moment, then you’ll get 15% off your order total!

So pop over here to grab these wraps and don’t forget to check out the sale on licensed wraps.

More Christmas nails coming up soon!


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