Espionage Cosmetics Silent Cartographer Nail Wraps

Espionage Cosmetics Cartographer nerdy nail wraps

So tomorrow it’s all back to normal. Kian is back to school, yay! I’m back at the gym every morning, yay. Man have I missed the gym. You really notice how much it helps with anxiety and sleeping patterns when you haven’t been for more than a few days.

But other than that, things will be pretty, well, normal (read boring). Which is why we make our nails interesting and pretty, to stand out in all the ‘normal’ and give us little happys throughout the day.

The book in my title photo was from the May 2016 Dungeon Loot Gaming. The chest and ring were from the May 2016 Geek Fuel.

Espionage Cosmetics Cartographer nerdy nail wraps

These Silent Cartographer nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics were designed by artist Deven Rue. They are absolutely beautiful and are perfect to start the week with. I’m still trying to get my sizing right on the new 22’s but I’m absolutely loving all the gorgeous designs. These wraps are glossy and colourful with perfect details.

Espionage Cosmetics Cartographer nerdy nail wraps

And they look even better with a matte topcoat, almost like a comic book scene, the pinky especially giving me old Superman vibes, I think, my brain isn’t really all that sure of which memories are which these days haha.

If you love them too then you can find them here:, and if you haven’t already use code PLUS10KAPOW then you could get 15% off any order over $25.

Hope you’ve had an awesome weekend and are pampering yourself ready for Monday!


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