Kylo: Diary of a Toy Killer- Loot Crate Iron Man Toy


Yes, we are finally back for more Diary of a Toy Killer entries. We were hoping to show you the carcass of a £10.99 Waitrose Pet Corner teddy that Kylo got for Christmas, but someone (ahem, Jim) threw it in the bin and we weren’t aware, but let me tell you this, it did not last long at all. In fact, it was one of the quickest destructions I have ever seen. But lets get on with this toy.

We have had this toy before but we got this is one of the last Loot Pets, it has ended now, forever 🙁 so we have kept a box to trick Kylo into thinking it is arriving and we will put our own bought stuff in it.

Toy: Marvel Iron Man Rope Toy
Price: Part of a Loot Pets crate
Squeaker: This had one of those standard tiny squeakers. I didn’t manage to stop the git squeaking but I did manage to rip a whole in Iron man’s head and managed to manoeuvre it out of the toy, Dad grabbed it before I could eat it.
Time it took to destroy: 1 Day to rip the rope off and 3 days to get the squeaker and stuffing out.
Level of Destruction: Brainsplosion

Author: Chrissie

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