Espionage Cosmetics Angels Who Weep Wraps

Espionage Cosmetics Angels Who Weep Doctor Who nerdy nail wraps

Do you ever find that the harder you try to have some semblance of a routine the more you fail at doing so? Yeah, I am forever in that. I’m not great at time management anyway and I forget a great deal of things unless it’s right there in front of me. But the fact that I’m trying is a good thing and hopefully it means I’ll get there one day. But for now, expect things on the wrong days or super late. Like my Geek Fuel post which I have still not done.

Anyway, today’s gloriously awesome notd are these Angels Who Weep nail wraps. As I’m sure you already know, these are based on the Weeping Angels (quantum-locked humanoids) from Doctor Who.

These wraps look best with a glossy topcoat on them, I used Barry M Plumpy topcoat. The image quality is amazing and they look fantastic from every angle.

Espionage Cosmetics Angels Who Weep Doctor Who nerdy nail wraps glow in the dark

Even better, they glow in the dark. They have ‘Don’t Blink’ on some nails and others have the Angels with their hands down. They look awesome and glow really bright. I’m a little bit wobbly on gitd photos lately, I need to use my tripod and get a shutter button for my camera, then maybe I’ll get prefect shots.

These wraps are from the January NEXUS OP, a rare spawn and some awesome designs come out of the OP’s. Check the links below of where to find Espionage Cosmetics so you can keep up to date on when the next NEXUS OP spawns. And don’t forget that if you haven’t already used it, you can use code PLUS10KAPOW for 15% off an order of $25 or more, pop over to the shop to check out what goodies you can get!

Where to find Espionage Cosmetics: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr

Hope you’ve had a perfect weekend!


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