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So, at the moment, this is the only Loot Crate I am subbed too. I cancelled Loot for Her because I felt like most of the items just weren’t for me and they have ended Loot Pets themselves, which was a little sad. maybe one day they’ll bring the Pet sub back and I will re-sub to Loot for her because the last 2 items I got from Loot for Her were pretty amazing. But for now, I am happy-ish with the core crate.

It looks like Loot Crate are trying to shake things up again in a bid to improve again. As much as I love Loot Crate, they have gotten a little bit shit lately. They keep tripping up on things like item curation, quality, and shipping, and one major thing that really annoyed me about them recently was that right at the end of December, right when we only had about £54 in our bank to buy enough food for the next few days, they took payment for Loot4Fangirls, a box that was a one off over a year and a half ago and we were left with 22p in the bank. After a quick check on Twitter while waiting for a response to my panicked DM to Loot Crate support, I realised that I wasn’t the only one. Anyone that had bought the Loot4Fangirls or Gears of War crates had it happen to them too.

Now I completely understand that things like this do happen, I’ve worked in tech and tech goes wrong. What I wasn’t happy with was the way they dealt with it, rather than reply to messages directly, they sent out a blanket email saying that it had happened and that their guys were working on getting refunds out. But, this happened on Sat 30th Dec, so our refund didn’t even start processing until Weds 3rd January, and even worse, it was a Paypal payment, so we didn’t have the money back in our bank until Sat 6th, so that was an entire week, with no money and barely any food in the house and 4 of us to feed. And Loot Crate gave us a $15 voucher to spend in the Loot Vault as an apology! Which we would have had to pay like $8 postage on anything, and how were we meant to do that? I just think they could have done better in apologising. I still haven’t used the coupon.

But I have decided to give them another chance instead of angrily cancelling my one remaining sub. I hope that they can get their shit together this year. So lets have an actual look at the January Crate!

EXCLUSIVE Harry Potter Socks (Licensed by Warner Bros. Made by HYP Hosiery)

No descriptions anymore because the magazine seems to be gone. These socks are pretty cool, I do love having a drawer full of cool socks. I do swear that I have seen these in Primark before so I’m not fully convinced of the exclusivity.

EXCLUSIVE X-Files Card Game (Licensed by Twentieth Century Fox. Made by IDW Publishing)

This is a 2 player card game where each agent has their own conclusion, a paranormal event or a rational explanation, but only one can collect enough evidence to close the case.

It looks like this could be a really fun game and we love most things tabletop so it’ll fun to give it a go.

EXCLUSIVE Westworld SuperEmoScenes Diorama Figure (Licensed by Warner Bros. Made by Loot Crate)

I adore these diorama figures from SuperEmoScenes. This is the second one that we have received in Loot Crate, the first being a Stranger Things figure and the both look fantastic. The one downside I would say to this is that Dolores has no bit on the bottom to connect her to the base and so she can easily fall off if knocked. Other than that I love it.

EXCLUSIVE Rick and Morty T-Shirt (Licensed by Cartoon Network. Art by Anthony Petrie)

I love me some Rick and Morty and this t-shirt is pretty cool. BUT and it’s a pretty big but! It’s white, I’m not a massive an of white t-shirts because they just make me look massive but I will try and wear this because it’s pretty cool.

EXCLUSIVE Westworld Maze Pin (Licensed by Warner Bros. Made by Loot Crate)

There is no question that the Loot Crate pins are awesome and this is one of them.

The box art is pretty awesome too and this is even a possibility for my nail art. I’m trying to get back into inspired by Loot Crate but annoyingly nothing in this crate really gave me the spark for it. So hopefully something does spark soon.

What did you think of this month’s Loot Crate? What are your opinions on Loot Crate overall at the moment? Were you one of the people hit by the accidental charges?


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