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I received an absolutely gorgeous polish from Born Pretty Store and it is perfect for Valentine’s Day nail art and you know I love me some nerd, so why not some n3πd <3? This is a pretty basic mani with BPS Wine Malaga as the base, stamped with Moyou Black Knight and images from the Lina Hipster, Geek or Chic 01 plate. Then topped with Seche Vite. But let’s have a look at some swatches of Wine Malaga.

Without topcoat, Wine Malaga is a vibrant, burnt orange with a strong linear holo and is highly pigmented.

These swatches are without base coat because when I tried it with a base of OPI Nail Envy, the polish dragged and had weird patches in it where it looked like a jelly with no holo. This happened on both coats even though I had given the basecoat ample time to dry, so I removed it and started again but without the basecoat. It applied evenly and with no patches this time.

It dries really fast and you could honestly get away with just one coat, however, in these photos I was wearing two thin coats.

When it came to topcoat, it reacted differently than I would expect too! When I added a coat of Seche, almost all of the holo effect disappeared completely. Not to say that’s a bad thing, because it actually transformed into a beautiful, jewel-like appearance.

Believe me, these photos don’t do it justice. In real life it was absolutely stunning and is a polish that I will definitely wear time and time again, if I can get the base coat situation under control.

Clean up was a bit of a pain because of the pigmentation and staining is highly likely but it’s definitely worth it. removal was a breeze. I did try to stamp with it, hoping that it would be a perfect stamper but unfortunately nothing would pick up on any of the stampers I tried.


If you fancy this gorgeous polish then you can find it here for £3.83/$4.99, there are 5 other colours to choose from. And don’t forget that when shopping with Born Pretty, you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items in your basket.


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