Gamer at Heart Shirt from Prophecy Girl

I have bought a few things from Prophecy Girl before but never posted about them on the blog because I’m pretty rubbish at clothing posts and have no idea how to do proper outfit photos or how to review clothing. But I bought this shirt and it is so awesome that I really wanted to share it with as many people as I could. We did try to do a proper ootd photoshoot style thing but I absolutely hated all the photos so I ended up just going with Snapchat selfies and yes, they are back to front because that’s how Snapchat rolls and they looked a bit weird when I flipped them but I think they show the shirt off really well.

These are the 3 ways that I have been and will be wearing this shirt. The first image I am wearing another Prophecy Girl item, their ‘I Rebel’ tank with the shirt open for quite a casual look. The second I have the bottom of the shirt knotted at my waist and am wearing a pair of black, high waist jeans with it, I have it done up all the way and am wearing a PS1 controller necklace under the collar for a kind of gamer/preppy look. And the third look I am wearing the shirt underneath a t-shirt, with just the collar showing and a pin badge at the top button.

I am so not used to wearing shirts, I normally just live in t-shirts and leggings or joggers, so it did feel weird and buttons are a little tricky for my faffy fingers but I loved wearing it and made me feel like I got properly dressed for once.

The shirt arrived wrapped in tissue paper and then in plastic. The sizing was spot on with the sizing chart on Prophecy Girl, I choose a size 2xl because I am a UK 16. The sizes go up to 4xl! The sleeves are a raglan sleeve that gives room for lots of arm movement. It is made from a super soft polyester and feels great, it washes easily, no stains so far, and it dries really quick. Bonus, it doesn’t wrinkle, so no ironing, yay!

It is covered in a cute, repeating, 8-bit heart design reminiscent of old school game health bars! It makes me wish I worked in an office environment because Prophecy Girl has 5 other nerdy but smart shirts available and I would buy them all so that I had a different shirt for every day of the work week. This shirt would look great with a high waist pencil skirt and looks great tucked in or out of trousers or jeans. They also sell scarves, pins and tank tops, all of which are awesome.

Kirsty who owns and runs Prophecy Girl is super nice, super creative and a massive nerd so you should definitely follow here on social media which I will link to below.

This shirt was £38 with postage of £3.50 so it’s a great price for what it is and it will definitely last a long time. Oh, and they ship worldwide too so all you nerdy gals and guys can get in on the action!

How’d I do? Haha, I feel like I’m proper stepping out of my comfort zone doing clothing posts on here instead of just on Instagram. let me know if I missed out anything you would want to know about this shirt.

Where to find Prophecy Girl: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest


Author: Chrissie

4 thoughts on “Gamer at Heart Shirt from Prophecy Girl

    1. Haha, thanks chick. I will do my best but Prophecy Girl is a good place to start, they ship worldwide, which I completely forgot to mention but will go add now.

    1. Thank you lovely. I did see you review, it was great, and the shirt looks awesome on you.

      I only have 2 of the vest tops but looking to get the other one soon. i just bought the Dial the Gate scarf because I need to own all the Stargate stuffs haha and the material is so soft.

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