Geek Fuel February 2018

Ok, so it’s been a while since I actually post one of the nerd subs but I am trying to get back into posting it and yes, I am still posting them fairly late but better late than never.

The February Geek Fuel was a pretty good month and tbh, Geek Fuel has been my favourite overall lately because they have been seriously killing it. Even though they don’t have themes to their boxes, the curation level is on fire and their pins just got even better starting this month. But let’s have a look and let me know what you think about this month’s goodies.

EXCLUSIVE Ninja Star Fridge Magnets

“Even the most elite warrior spy can forget boring tasks like dentist appointments and picking up milk at the store. These ninja star magnets will help get those easily forgettable to-do list items to stick, both in your memory and on your fridge.”

These are definitely my favourite item from this month. The little magnets they have a pretty strong and cling to the fridge well. I have lost count of the amount of times that I have lost balance near the fridge and skimmed them with my shoulder or hand and they stay on there. I might however paint them with some silver metallic paint so they look a bit more metally.

EXCLUSIVE Black Panther Print by artist Florey

“Pledge your loyalty to the king of Wakanda with our exclusive Black Panther print, in both red and a rare purple variant.”

We received the red print, which I honestly think looks better than the purple version. I haven’t seen Black Panther yet but I really, really want to, but like all movies I want to see, I will probably have to wait until the Blu-ray comes out.

This is a great print on high quality paper with vibrant colours and is A4 size so it is easy to find a good frame for it. I recommend checking out the artist as he has some awesome prints.

EXCLUSIVE CastleVania T-shirt

“Whip it, whip it good! We’re not talking about that one 80’s band, but Simon Blemont’s iconic quest to whip his way through Dracula’s castle. Put on our officially licensed CastleVania tee and summon your strength for your own long day of vampire hunting.”

So the top photo is of the box that the t-shirt came in, a cool, wood effect box with the Belmont crest on the front of it. The t-shirt itself is awesome and in a great colour. Jim was pretty jealous when he saw it and keeps going on about how much he likes it but of course it’s in my size. The fit was a little bit too big and feels a little baggy. T-shirt quality is great and feels super soft and comfortable. The men’s version was a lighter blue, not sure why they made it different because this colour is great.


“Shoot first, eat cheese later! Jump into a fast, frenetic and exciting one-hit, one-kill FPS arena shooter with RATZ INSTAGIB”

I am sure Kian is going to love this game, it looks like a fun, colourful game but not something I would be interested in. It is currently at £6.99 which is about a third of the amount I paid for the full box, so not too bad.

Big Trouble in Little China PIN PALZ

“Are you ready for PIN PALZ? Our new, officially licensed, exclusive pin series turns your favourite fandoms into wearable accessories. To kick off our new pin series, receive one of five exciting pins from our Big Trouble in little China edition”

We received Lightning! These are pretty cool. I really loved what they were doing with the robot mascot Fuel in different fandoms and the packaging was awesome, but now they are doing officially licensed pins that will be in shapes other than robots and this edition all look so cool. Obviously I would have loved to get Jack or Lo Pan but I’m pretty happy with the one we got too. I can’t wait to see where they go with this series and what fandoms creep up. The pins are fantastic quality.

So what did you think of the February Geek Fuel? For me, it was a month filled with awesome, great quality exclusives. If you fancy signing up too then you can pop over here and do so.


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