Loot Crate: Protect

Ok, Ok, I know this is super late and we should be getting the March Crate pretty soon but here is what we got in the February Loot Crate!

EXCLUSIVE Pacific Rim Coaster Set (Licensed from Legendary Entertainment, Made by Insight Editions)

These are awesome, cork backed, leatherette coasters. They are thin and bendy but sturdy enough to last and the leatherette on top makes them easy to clean if you get any spills. We are keeping these to use for our game nights as we currently have the awesome PS1 coasters from Numskull on our coffee table.

EXCLUSIVE Black Panther T-shirt (Licensed by Marvel, Art by Chris Visions)

Gah! I have heard such amazing things about Black Panther and am super excited to see it, but, you know I probably won’t get to see it until the Blu-Ray comes out. At least I have a t-shirt to wear while I am watching it because I know it will be amazing! Nice quality t-shirt and print. The material is thin enough to be worn on a warm day but not too thin that it will fall apart quickly.

EXCLUSIVE The Expanse Rocinate Ship Replica (Licensed from Alcon Entertainment, made by Loot Crate)

I haven’t quite gotten into The Expanse yet! I have watched one episode and it hasn’t grabbed me but it does often take a few times of watching from the beginning for me to get into a show, so I will, I know I will. The ship is pretty awesome and has some great little details, I love the flame coming out the back. My one quibble with this is that the photo on the box shows that the stilts holding it up are clear acrylic, you know, so it looks like it’s flying from a distance, but the ones I received in the box are black. Not a major downside but still!

EXCLUSIVE Fallout 4 Art print (Licensed from Bethesda Softworks, Art by Ilya Nazarov)

This is the major let down for this month’s crate in my eyes. Not because of the image, the image is awesome which makes the rest even more annoying. The paper it is printed on is rubbish quality and on the back of the print is a huge, brightly coloured advert for other Loot Crate products. It is such a contrast to the Black Panther print from the February Geek Fuel which was printed on some great quality paper. Just feels like an after-thought to me.

EXCLUSIVE How to Train Your Dragon Pin (Licensed from Dreamworks Animations, Made by Loot Crate)

Cute, good quality pin. Not much more you can say about it. The digital content that came with it was a Black Panther pack for Marvel Puzzle Quest and the best thing about it, is that it was actually available for international subscribers. I have had a few digital contents tell me I don’t qualify for it, even though I have the crate sub and when I contact customer services, they tell me it’s because it is only for US subscribers, which I think is really bad for a company that is basically worldwide. But hopefully this sort of thing is a thing of the past now that Loot Crate are trying to refocus.

The box art was a cool, old-timey safe style thing which I really like.

Overall, I think February was a pretty good month for Loot Crate! It was a crate filled with exclusives and some good quality, useful items. Here’s hoping Loot Crate keeps it going this year.


Author: Chrissie

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