Kylo: Diary of a Toy Killer- Flying Tiger Chicken

I promised I’d be back with more Diary of a Toy Killer posts, so here we are! Dad went to Bath on a shopping trip and went into a store called Tiger (Flying Tiger but for some reason only has Tiger on the storefront) It’s a cool shop with really colourful knick knacks and stationery for really good prices. Anyway he found this fun toy for me and I set about destroying it immediately.

Toy: Blue Glow in the Dark Chicken
Price: £1 from Flying Tiger
Squeaker: One of those tubes that make the weird duck noise when air is pushed into it
Time it took to destroy: 2 hours to put a hole in it so the squeaker didn’t work, 27 hours to rip at the neck completely
Level of Destruction: Headless

Author: Chrissie

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