Geek Fuel March 2018

I thought maybe it was about time I posted the March Geek Fuel, because, you know, it’s April and also because April will be our last ever Geek Fuel, I’ll explain why at the end of this post but I really think Geek Fuel have been doing really well lately and have loved most of what has been in the boxes each month. So, here is March…

Forced: Showdown STEAM Game

‘Play your cards right and you just might be able to assemble the perfect deck to take on a universe of worthy adversaries.’

This looks like a really fun, deck-building game and I am sure Kian will love it. It is currently on sale for £3.74 but is normally £14.99 so not too bad on the value.

Ready Player One Crystal Key

‘Sure, you need the red metal and green stone keys to complete the trilogy but we can really only help out with the Crystal key in this month’s box.’

I was really hoping there would be a Ready Player One item because for the first time since Pirates of the Caribbean 2, i went to the cinema to see a movie!!! Me and Kian took a little jaunt to the nearest cinema which is 2 towns away and we bought a crap ton of popcorn and snacks. Luckily, it was pretty much empty in the viewing we chose, so we could actually proper enjoy it and we had a great time, even if I was completely battered by the time we got home.

I actually took the key off the keychain and put it on a necklace and wore it along with the Loot Crate Delorean tee and some retro-ish pins. This is pretty much what I do to every keychain that I find acceptable.

X-Men Funko Mystery Minis

‘Don’t mistake these blind box cuties for anything less than the incredible X-Men team they’ve assembled. Collect them all and trade with friends.’

And we got Sabretooth! He wouldn’t have been my first choice but I’m cool with him and I do love a good Mystery Mini!

EXCLUSIVE Star Trek T-shirt – Kirk

‘Whether you speak in awkward, stunted patterns like Captain Kirk or spread the good word to “Live long and prosper” like Spock, this month you’ll get one of two vintage-styled shirts declaring your love for the best buddy duo to hit the screen since Laurel and Hardy.’

This t-shirt is honestly the only thing I didn’t like from the box. I am not fond of the print or the shape of the t-shirt. The Spock one looks so much better, so I would have been happy with that one but you can’t always be 100% happy with stuff.

The X-Files Pin Palz

‘We all want to believe, don’t we? This month’s Pin Palz celebrate our love for Mulder, Scully, and, if you can find him, our old buddy Langly.’

I was super happy with this one, it is the one I definitely wanted and would have been so sad if I had gotten anything other than this one.

These were the other pins that were available.

So what did you think of the March Geek Fuel?

Ok, so Geek Fuel announced this month that as of May, their service was going to a quarterly box and would be $73 +P&P, and with this price it would 1) be harder to make sure we have that money in the bank when it came round to paying it and 2) and this is the main reason, at that price, we would definitely be paying quite a chunk of Customs charges on this. It is just too expensive and so because of this, we are having to sadly cancel Geek Fuel. So the April box will be our last box from them and we will be down to just Loot Crate for the nerdy subs and one other new sub that I will hopefully be posting soon.

What nerdy subs aside from Loot Crate and Geek Fuel are you subscribed to? Are you one of the other international Geek Fuel subscribers also having to cancel because of the cost of rejigged box?

Let me know in the comments.


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