Loot Crate: Playback

Yup, super late posting this again but in my defence I had already uploaded the photos, they’ve just been sitting in my drafts folder for 2 weeks. The March crate was not half bad and I really liked what was in it so I thought it was still worth posting.

Loot crate have changed things up again in the way that they deliver information about the products. There is no magazine anymore, we are back to a card with just the bare minimum info and there is no theme art on it. Hopefully they decide to include some theme art again in the near future because I really like the art they come up with. I have been begging for them to include the theme art as a poster or print each month for ages, so fingers crossed.

So let’s jump in for a closer look then.

The Simpsons 25th Anniversary Keychain (Licensed from 29th Century Fox. Made by Kidrobot)

“D’oh! Add some Springfield flair to your key fob with one of 16 classic Simpsons icons. Mmm… fob.”

We got Bart’s skateboard which is ok. I will honestly probably just give this one to Kian. I am sure we received a 25th Anniversary Simpsons keyring in a Loot Crate before and we got a Hellfish logo or it was another sub but we definitely have one… somewhere! As far as keyrings are concerned, it’s pretty good.

EXCLUSIVE Dungeons & Dragons Die Holder (Licensed from Hasbro, Inc. Made by Loot Crate)

“Keep your D20  safe from any roving bands of orcs in this die holder featuring the iconic Red Dragon.”

This is actually my favourite item from this crate. It’s pretty well made and stands at about 2 inches tall. It perfectly fits a standard sized D20 and comes with the black one that’s in the photo but I am thinking a nice fiery, orangey, reddy one would be awesome or a red pearlescent one.

EXCLUSIVE Sonic and Rings Adult Collectible (Licensed from SEGA. Made by Loot Crate)

“Did someone say “chili dog”? Celebrate SEGA’s 1991 classic Sonic the Hedgehog game with this fun figure.”

And I do love this figure too. I think it’s a little weird that they have called it an “Adult Collectible” but each to his own. It’s a cool little figure though and I am glad that the transparent acrylic is actually transparent in this one. Sonic is definitely a staple of my childhood, all those days of playng Sonic on the Mega Drive for hours on end and ending up with Sonc thumb, ah, memories.

EXCLUSIVE Back to the Future T-Shirt (Licensed from NBC Universal. Made by Loot Crate)

“Steal a page from Doc Brown’s notebook with this super-detailed tee designed by artist Anthony Petrie.” 

You know I love me some Back to the Future! I love this print and the t-shirt fit perfectly. I wore this when I went to see Ready Player One with Kian! Have you seen it? What did you think of it? I really enjoyed it, even if it did stray from the book.

EXCLUSIVE Galaga Pin (Licensed from Bandai Namco. Made by Loot Crate)

“Consider yourself safe from dive-bombing space bugs while equipped with this Galaga Starfighter pin.”

Loot Crate do make awesome pins most of the time and luckily this is one of them. I also wore this to my Ready Player One viewing. I would have liked it just a smidge smaller though, if I’m honest.

The box art was pretty cool too, it turned into an old school CRT TV, which I have cut the screen out of, popped in a Sonic background and mounted the Sonic figure inside. I forgot to take a photo of it but I will probably pop a photo up on my Instagram at some point.

So that was the March Loot Crate, did you think it was any good? If you did, you can sign up here, just pop over and choose the sub you want to go with!

Stay awesome!

Author: Chrissie

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