Born Pretty Store Galaxy In Flames Magnetic Gel Polish

This is the first time I have ever used magnetic gel polish and I am already in love. I dabbled way back when Barry M released their magnetic polishes and just never really got on with them, but the magnetic effect is so strong in this gel polish that I can see how someone could become obsessed.

This beauty is Galaxy in Flames from Born Pretty Store. It has a black base with an orange and yellow-gold glitter/magnetic particles. Although it has a black base, I highly recommend using a coat or two of black polish under this because once you do the magnet thing it kind of turns into a greyish jelly. This is unnoticeable with the black polish underneath.

So, I applied one coat of Barry M Black Forest, then one coat of Galaxy in Flames and cured it for two minutes, then I added a coat of gel topcoat and cured again for two minutes and bosh. I think my gel application has improved somewhat, which had a hand in making this experience much more pleasurable and this is a polish that I could definitely see myself wearing often and when I need nail art that will last a while.

On it’s own, without using the magnet, it’s a gorgeous, fiery glitter. I did apply it over my ring finger nail that had already been magnetised but I just wanted to show you how pretty it looks, it could definitely be worn without the cat eye effect too.

When it comes to the magnetising, I held the magnet over wet polish for about 30-40 seconds, but I did find that the longer I held it over the nail, the less likely I was to get spreading, (like on my index finger) before curing.

As for removal, I can’t comment on this as I always wear peel off base coat with gel polishes.

If you fancy grabbing this polish or one of the 4 other gorgeous polishes in this range then you can find it here for £2.90/$3.99 and don’t forget that when shopping with Born Pretty, you can get 10% off all non sale items when you use code CBAQ10.


Author: Chrissie

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