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Have you played any of the Bit.Trip Runner series? I absolutely adore them and Bit.Trip Runner 2 was perfection. They are rhythm, platformer, runner games where you control Commander Video by jumping, sliding or kicking obstacles and collecting things. They are the kind of games where you love the feeling of achieving a perfect run, or collecting all the stuff, but, it’s also the kind of game that drives you crazy with anger while you try to get to the end of the level, or to that perfect, or to getting the bonus. There’s a lot of anger, but also a lot of enjoyment to be had. Also, they have the best announcer, Charles Martinet, who has a pretty epic voice.

Well anyway, Runner3 (looks like they dropped the Bit.Trip) came out on PC and Nintendo Switch towards the the end of May and I played it! And I loved it! So I obviously decided to do some Runner 3 nails. and here they are!

I did a gradient base of Barry M Malibu, Barry M Cotton and Barry M Spring Green. Then I did reverse stamping on the wavy rainbow image from the Uberchic Unicorn Love plate and I used NYC Lexington Yellow, Barry M Mango, Barry M Damson, Barry M Sugar Plum and Barry M Blue Grape to fill in the rainbow. I freehanded Commander Video using Barry M Black Forest, Barry M Dead Heat, NYC Lexington Yellow and Barry M Cotton. Then I freehanded the 3 using Barry M Dead Heat. I topped it all of with a coat of Seche Vite.

I am now just waiting for it to come out on the PS4 so I can buy it on that.

What game do you love but also hate at the same time?


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