Beauty Big Bang Unicorn Holo Stamping Plate Holder 

Holo! I hate admitting it but I have been really struggling in this heat. My tremors are much worse, muscle spasms too, not to mention all over muscle pain and stiffness, but that’s all day every day tbf! Cog fog is mental (bahaha), the dizziness is a big ol’ dick and the fatigue is pretty hard to push through, it’s like wading through quicksand with a thousand souls trying to pull you down to the underworld and you are fighting with the last inch of your ability to not let them get you. So on that cheery note, no nail art today, but let’s have a butchers at one of the best things to look at on a sunny day, holo!

This holo stamping case is from Beauty Big Bang and it is so unbelievably pretty, trust me, the photos don’t do it justice.

It fits plates like Beauty Big Bang XL’s, Born Pretty L’s and Moyou plates perfectly, with enough give to pull them out even if the case is full. The outer cover is a made of PU should will last a good while and can be grabbed at and moved around roughly without much wear.

It has 18 slots which you can back to back in, giving you enough room for 36 stamping plates. It has 2 buttons on the front so you can still button it up when it is bulging. So not only will it be pretty on your shelf but it is super effective at storing yo’ shit!

It is super reflective and it comes in a smaller version so you can have one for your round or square plates.

You can find this one here for £5.74/$7.59 and don’t forget to use code PLUS10 for 10% off your order.

Pop over to Instagram a bit later to see a Boomerang of this pretty in the sun!

Stay shiny!

Author: Chrissie

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