Espionage Cosmetics Jeanne d’Arc

I love this photo but it’s annoying me that it is the only one I have for these wraps. I promptly ruined my mani just after this photo was taken, thank you twitches!
But, on the bright side (or not so bright side as it were) It has finally cooled down enough today that I can sit in my garden comfortably, so inspired by these wraps I decided to read a good book.
These are the Jeanne d’Arc nail wraps from the Espionage Cosmetics June NEXUS Literary. They are glossy wraps with gold foil accents on the book pages. I added a matte topcoat to them and I think they look gorge, especially the Coat of Arms wraps. As usual, these applied brilliantly.
These particular wraps aren’t available as they were from the NEXUS, but, if you want cool and exclusive wraps like this you can sign up to the NEXUS. This month’s theme is Space Odyssey and it is going to be amazing, they have already revealed these wraps and I am in LOVE WITH THEM!!!
Or, if you are just after some pretties now, pop over to the shop and if you haven’t already, use code PLUS10KAPOW for 15% off your first order of $25 or more.
Hope you are having an awesome chilled weekend.

Author: Chrissie

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