Espionage Cosmetics NEXUS: Warrior Women

The June theme for the NEXUS and NEXUS Literary was Warrior Women and instantly when you hear that, I guarantee your mind filled with amazing women that could have been in this month’s packs. Wonder Woman was one of my definite hopefuls and I am so glad to see her in here.
Sculpted from Clay: Inspired by Wonder Woman’s armour from the current movie incarnation. The gold details are all gold foil. It has a cool, glow in the dark secret.
Whamo-Camo!: A pink camo with pink and black glitter. These look awesome but I have complete brain fog as to what this could be a reference to, if you know leave it in the comments.


Jeanne d’Arc: Inspired by Joan of Arc, these have gold foil accents on the page wraps, with the blue wraps showing Joan of Arc’s Coat of Arms.

A Girl Has No Name: These wraps are inspired by Arya Stark’s ‘Faceless Man’ journey, They feature Ary’s list along with some scribbles that have been accented with red foil! These also have a pretty cool glow in the dark secret.


Warrior Princess: Inspired by another one of everyone’s favourite Warrior’s, Xena:Warrior Princess! These are accented with gold foil and a little bit of turquoise foil, can you find it?

I was so stoked to see the Xena wraps in there, those and the Wonder Woman ones are definitely my favourites. I want to wear them but then they are so pretty that I want to save them. Which ones are your favourite from this month?

NEXUS is $15 a month +p&p, subscription packages are month to month,
3 month, 6 month and 12 month with the 12 month giving a saving of
around $60.
NEXUS Literary is also $15 a month +p&p with the same subscription packages available.
The NEXUS BOOSTER is $12 a month unless you are already a NEXUS subscriber, in which case it can be added to your order for $7.

Each month the NEXUS wrap sets get put to an online vote and the winner
of the vote will get put into the Espionage Cosmetics shop. The loser is
then, generally a subscriber exclusive but will sometimes be put in in
the Mystery Wrap sets.

If you love the idea of getting cool, exclusive wraps to your door every month, then pop on over to subscribe, August’s theme is Space Odyssey and you know there will be some awesomeness in there!

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