Danglefoot Nail Polish Beam Me Up Scotty

So this happened! By which I mean, my nails are no longer ummm… long *ahem* I kind of knew it was going to happen but I got cocky thinking “they’re sturdy now, look how long they’ve gotten, you’ve done all sorts to them and they should have snapped but they didn’t. They’ll be fine” Cue me, fixing the shed roof, thinking I have got away with it, then I turn my hand to scratch it and I see the casualties, all 3 of them! So yeah, shorter but not quite shorties but not quite long. Although I’ll be honest, sometimes it can be refreshing to go back to shorter nails again.
Anyway, on to today’s beauty. This is Beam Me Up Scotty from the Danglefoot Nail Polish Star Trek collection which came out a while ago. I missed out on it then and I missed out on it every time it got restocked, mostly because I kept missing the restock (forgetting) and then by the time I remembered again it had sold out. But not this time! This time I set a reminder on my phone and I got there in time, wooo!
So Beam Me Up Scotty is a holo flake base with blue shimmer and blue/purple multichrome flakes. The reason I fell in love with it is because of that blue shimmer. When the light hits it, it looks like a blue beam is going across the nail, it’s just stunning and my photos absolutely do not do it justice.
The formula is a dream as always and even with the amount of pretties it has in it, it is easily buildable. This is 2 coats with a coat of Seche Vite. Communicator badge is from an AliExpress plate I bought a while ago and I stamped it using Moyou Black Knight and Born Pretty Store Gold Stamping polish. I pretty much do the same thing for all my Star Trek mani’s because I have no brain and can never think of anything else. Science Division obvs!
*UPDATE: This person is still selling the Star Trek plate, it is SP-022 but there are also Pokemon and Star Wars plates!
Is there a polish that you keep missing out on but you just need to own?
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