Don’t Box Me In! 

It took me absolutely ages to come up with some kind of design for these blue rhombus glitters that I was sent by Charlie from Charlie’s Nail Art. Mainly because I didn’t want to just layer them all over my nails or do something that I had done before with glitters. That’s when I remembered that you could make cool looking boxes with this shape glitter.

These glitters look super cool when the light hits them, and if you check out my Instagram later, I’ll pop a boomerang on my Stories to show you exactly what I mean.

Products used: OPI Nail Envy
Barry M Black Forest
Seche Vite

The sun was out for a bit today so I got to see how fun these were in the sun. They aren’t too thick and they sit nicely on your nail but they are a bit topcoat thirsty, I had to use 3 coats of Seche Vite on all nails, so you may want to use a gel topcoat.

This bag is only 75p!!! There are loads in there so even if you did put them all over your nails, you’d have enough for a good few manis. This version is the holographic royal blue but there are loads of other colour variations available.

Use code CLPK10 to save 10% on your order.


Author: Chrissie

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