Have you played Atari today?

Atari retro gamer nerdy nails

The Atari 2600 (originally known as the Atari Video Computer System until the 5200 came out in 1982) came out 41 years ago today. It was the system that popularised ROM cartridges, instead of only being able to play games that were built in. The joysticks from the Atari 2600 are one of my favourite controllers and I think it has become pretty iconic when you think of controllers past.

I was swatching this perfect red (swatch photos coming in a few days) and knew I had to do these Atari nails inspired by this awesome bag from Merchoid, that both me and Jim would love to own at some point. Also really want this Atari 2600 hoodie!

I freehanded the logo and the lettering using a detail brush I bought ages ago from Born Pretty Store and immediately forgot I owned but it did make doing tiny letters a little easier. My Japanese lettering isn’t perfect but hopefully it’s not so terrible that the letters mean something different.

Items used: Barry M Blood Orange
Barry M Cotton
OPI Nail Envy
Seche Vite
Barry M Matte Topcoat
Lina Make Your Mark 03


Author: Chrissie

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