I Ought to be Thy Adam!

Frankenstein nerdy book nails

I am one of those people that get annoyed with the whole Frankenstein/Frankenstein’s monster thing, I know, it’s terrible but for arguments sake, Frankenstein is the creator and his creation’s name was never revealed in Mary Shelly’s original novel, however, he does at one point, turn to his creator and say ‘I ought to be thy Adam’ in reference to the first man in the Bible. Since the publication of the original novel, Dr. Frankenstein’s creation has been known by many names, most commonly Frankenstein or The Monster and has had many different personalities to that of the original articulate and eloquent Frankenstein’s Monster.

For this nail art I used a base of Barry M Matcha, then I stamped from Moyou Literature 07 using Barry M Black Forest. I also grabbed some of the stitches from the Gothic 01 plate and stamped those in Black Forest and Barry M Blood Orange,

Then I sponged around the edges of both middle nails using Black Forest coming a little further down around Frankenstein’s Monster’s head. I topped this all off with Barry M Plumpy topcoat.

I have never done a negative space, half moon mani before and I am not sure if it suits me but I really love how these turned out. I have been knocking out some of my favourite Halloween mani’s this week. I have one more Barry M only Halloween nail art coming tomorrow, but don’t worry, that will not be the end of the Halloween nails.


Author: Chrissie

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