Retro Pop Art Inspired Nails 

How fun did this mani turn out? I love the Hello Kitty heels from this pack of water decals from Charlie’s Nail Art and wanted a glitter that kind of worked with the colours in the decals but didn’t outshine it too much and I knew Nail Lacquer UK Choose One would be perfect.

Fun fact: Nail Lacquer UK Choose the One was my very first indie nail polish purchase way back in 2013 and the polish is still absolutely perfect.

This is the whole set of water decals, as you can see, I also used the floppy hat and sunglasses decal, it’s such a fun set. They came off they’re backing easily after a few seconds in water, applied to the nail easily without crumpling and when I applied Seche Vite it did not melt or bubble, which is always good. The colours stayed vibrant and did not bleed in the water or with the Seche. I was originally going to do something using the Marilyn decals but one twitch and I had ruined the decal 🙁 

Anyway, you can find this decal set here for 89p and don’t forget to check out all the awesome Halloween stuff that is available on there. Use code CLPK10 to save 10% on your order!


Author: Chrissie

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