Beauty Big Bang XL-018 Stamping Plate 

I do really like stamping plates that have larger full nail images but also a lot of them. The Beauty Big Bang XL-018 is one of those plates, it has 12 full nail images that are both pretty long and pretty wide, then there are 4 smaller images. Most of the images would be great for reverse stamping giving lots of different variations of nail art to do with this one. All of them are pretty cool skull images, perfect for Halloween and lovers of the gothic look.

For my first look I used the Beauty Big Bang Crystal Diamond polish in black and I stamped using Barry M Cotton and 2 of the images, one full size and one of the smaller ones.

I love how it looks over the textured polish and you can see how long the images are based on how I have placed the lace image on different nails.

For my second look I used 1 coat of Barry M Black Cherry and topped it with Wikkid Polish DeFlakingLicious. Then I reverse stamped the skull with roses for one nail and on the other I used the inverted tiny skulls with roses. I love how the flakies peep through this one.

I had absolutely no problems with this plate and had fantastic pickup straight away. The images are etched perfectly with a great selection, perfect for regular stamping and revers stamping! There were also no imperfections on this plate.

You can find this plate here for £2.72/$3.59 and don’t forget to use code PLUS10 to save 10% on your Beauty Big Bang order.

Which is your favourite look from today?


Author: Chrissie

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