Espionage Cosmetics Dracula

Halloween is fast approaching and honestly, I haven’t got anything ready yet, but I do have chocolates, which is the most important thing, isn’t it?! I have also bought pumpkins but haven’t carved them, I know what I am going to be doing though! 

These Dracula nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics is another set I have been saving for this time of year. They are a glossy wrap set and have red, glittery accents that look almost like microscopic photos of blood. I mattified the text wraps but kept the ‘blood’ wraps glossy because I really like the contrast between the 2 of them.

But I also added a bit of stamping from the Moyou Literature 06 plate and Moyou Black Knight and I also added the vampire teeth charm from Charlie’s Nail Art.

Who is getting spooky? Jim and Kian are off to the NFL London match so I will be chilling playing Spider-Man Black Cat DLC and watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

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