KBShimmer Take It Or Leaf It

As soon as I saw the swatches of Take It Or Leaf It from the KBShimmer Falloween Collection, I knew I had to own it. It looked amazing and let me be very clear here… it is amazing!!!

It is Autumn in a bottle, with metallic flakies shifting from red and pink, to orange, to yellow and gold, to green and even purple!

I think this would look gorgeous of most colours and I definitely want to try it over Barry M  Mustard. This is one coat of it over Barry M Chai and you can see lots of the different shifts over this colour/from this angle.

I would say one coat is enough but you could build it up easily to get more coverage. It dries fast and to a smooth, shiny finish. I have not used topcoat in these photos.

Here it is over black (Barry M Black Forest) and white (Barry M Cotton) and it looks gorgeous over both but I am definitely more drawn to it over black because it looks like fire embers. While over the white you can seem more of the yellow/gold shifts.

And of course it looks gorgeous with a matte topcoat too. It looks gorge with everything.

Having looked around while getting this post ready it has made me so glad I snapped this up straight away because it looks like it is sold out in most places now. It is in stock direct from KBShimmer and if you are over this side of the pond, you’re best chance of getting it might be waiting for it to come into stock on Harlow&Co. It’ll definitely be worth the wait.

I’m off to use this on everything now!


Author: Chrissie

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