Espionage Cosmetics Sass Effect

Espionage Cosmetics Sass Effect Mass Effect nerdy nail wraps

Let’s just start by exclaiming how freakin’ gorgeous these wraps look in this photo. I mean, that mesh detail just looks fantastic.

These beauties are the Sass Effect nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics and I absolutely hear you saying “But Chrissie, N7 Day was on Wednesday!” Yes, I know and I was saving these wraps (yes, another pair I’ve been saving) for this years N7 Day but when Wednesday rolled around, I completely forgot until I started seeing all the posts and by then, my back had already been in spasm for a few hours so it just wasn’t going to happen. I still really wanted to put them on ready for this week’s regularly scheduled Espionage Cosmetics notd though and I am so glad I did,  because they look awesome in the packet but with topcoat (Barry M Plumpy) they just look out of this world.

Espionage Cosmetics Sass Effect Mass Effect glow in the dark nerdy nail wraps

Obviously you can’t have space nails and not have them glow in the dark. I love how you can still see the red in this photo because the glow in the dark effect is so strong. The glow effect is really strong right out of the packet but I did charge them with a UV torch as usual for this photo.

You can grab the Sass Effect wraps now an don’t forget that you could use code PLUS10KAPOW to save 15% off an order of $25 or more if you haven’t used it before!

Which Mass Effect game is your favourite?


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